Allergy: Reaction by your immune system in response to a foreign substance.

Food to Increase: 
Yogurt & Kefir ~ Lactic acid bacteria is shown to lower allergy risk
Omega 3 (salmon)~Eating these foods decrease allergy risk 1/2
Hempseed Oil: Helps to alleviate symptoms of eczema
Seaweed: has anti-inflammatory effects

Foods to avoid: 
Cheese, Hard cured sausage, pickled cabbage, wine, and beer are foods high in histamine and inflammatory chemical. Avoid these food for 4 weeks and you will see considerable improvement or complete remission. 
Red Meat ~ People who eat red meat have 3 times risk of having allergies

A favorite recipe I love to prepare for people who have allergies is Chef MD's: Saffron Scallop, Shrimp, and chickpea Paella and can be found HERE

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