In Home Personal Chef Services

  • All ingredients are matched and checked for your specific nutritional needs.
    Chef Lana and all of her Chefs check every ingredient before preparing your meal
  • Organic- food the way Mother Nature intended.
    Only the freshest ingredients are chosen for your meals
  • We also prepare meals for small dinner parties and small celebrations.
    Chef of the Hills prepares for families, individuals and small parties.
  • Do you have a favorite ingredient? Let us know and we will find recipes to fit your taste!
    Do you have a favorite ingredient or favorite dish?
  • Pumpkin Gnocchi, you won't taste the nutrition- just the flavor!
    Gnocchi made with pumpkin?! Who knew it could taste so good! Try something new if you'd like.
  • Busy professionals can also eat healthy!
    Even a busy professional can take time out for a healthy lunch or dinner.
  • Your meals are packaged and include re-heating instructions.
    Each packaged meal comes with re-heating instructions.
  • Order one serving, or feed your whole family.
    Servings for an individual or an entire family.
  • Perfect portion sizes for any appetite.
    Every dish has one secret ingredient, LOVE. We love what we do!
All ingredients are matched and checked for your specific nutritional needs.
Chef Lana and all of her Chefs check every ingredient before preparing your meal

Personal Chef Services

Can I Afford This?

As you calculate the cost of meals, think about all the time you spend going to and from the grocery store, waiting in traffic and lines after work. This doesn’t include the time you spend on meal preparation and clean up after you do get home.  

How much money do you waste each week throwing out food from your refrigerator that you did not use each week because you didn't plan carefully or didn't have time to cook?

Eating out is very expensive when you order salads, beverages, and pay a 20% tip.  

You have absolutely no control on the ingredients used in restaurant, carry-out or home meal replacement food from the grocery store.  With a personal chef service, you specify what you want used in your food, such as types of oils, fat level, salt level, spice level, etc.
A Personal Chef is more affordable than you may have thought.

Personal Chef Services

 Chef of The Hills provides weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly personal chef services to meet the meal preparation and grocery shopping needs for Seniors, those with special dietary needs and busy professionals who need the extra help to keep their families healthy.

Your Personal Chef will handle all of the grocery shopping, choosing only the freshest ingredients available. Your specialized menu can include your favorite comfort foods to gourmet dishes you have been wanting to try; all while ensuring dietary requirements are met. Your Personal Chef will then prepare your meals and package them in oven-ready, or microwaveable containers, labeled with detailed warming instructions.

Be nutritionally well! We accept most insurance plans.

Personal Chef Angel

· Are you a Senior Citizen who wants to remain independent but is finding it challenging to complete certain tasks as easily as you once did?

  • Have you or someone you love been recently diagnosed with a disease that has rendered them terminally or chronically ill?
  •  Are you diagnosed with a disease that has made it a battle to be nutritionally well?

You are not alone. Chef Lana not only specializes in Senior nutrition, she is happy to work with anyone who has a specialty diet as well. As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, she can work with those who are diabetic, have Alzheimer’s, weight control issues and more. Your Personal Chef will make sure you are not only following a recommended balanced diet, they will make sure your foods are enjoyable to eat as well.

Step 1 - Getting to Know You

We start with a personal consultation to discuss the details of the service.  In the comfort of your home or other agreeable place, we will discuss how our service works, your food preferences, health needs, and any constraints, such as food allergies. We will answer any questions you have and provide details about the service and the menu.During the initial consultation, we will agree on the service plan and date for your first service.

Step 2 - Cook Day

On your  scheduled cook day,  Your Personal Chef will handle 

  • all of the grocery shopping, prepare your meals according to your preferences and desires and nutritional needs  
  • chill your meals to temperatures that are optimum for maintaining their freshness for the week ahead and then package them in high quality containers and store your meals in your refrigerator.
  • thoroughly clean your kitchen  
  • will leave you with an attractive menu which includes detailed instructions for heating your meals when you are ready to eat. 
Step 3 - The Fun Part: Eating!

When you are ready for some great meals, they are ready and waiting  for you in your own refrigerator.  Simply heat and eat. 

~Nutritionally Yours, Lana Imm

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