Nutritional Therapy- healing from the inside out.

Your body craves great nutrition

Do you or someone you love suffer from a chronic illness or disease? 
Do you feel like you have tried everything yet you still don't feel better?
Did you know what you eat or don't eat can affect your body healing process?

Everyone has a different biochemistry, genetic makeup and nutrient needs, so what works for you, may not work for someone else.

For that reason, as a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Chef Lana works with science-based questionnaires and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and to build a personalized 8 week Nutritional Therapy Program that works. 

For Chef Lana to understand what your specific nutrient requirements are, she will need to undertake a series of software-analysed assessments that evaluate the following: 
  • Your current health status. 
  • Your antioxidant capacity. 
  • Your possible nutrient deficiencies. 

The Nutritional Therapy program provides: 
  • The Client Health Check Questionnaire
  • Your Antioxidant Capacity Assessment™
  • Your Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment™
  • Written reports with your assessments’ results, which we will discuss together at length
  • 8 weeks of email support and fine-tuning from Chef Lana to ensure understanding of everything about your unique nutritional needs
  • 2 Food and Symptom Journal records analysed by Chef Lana with recommendations returned each week

Your personal diet plan will include carefully selected foods which are best for your body. Each meal will be comprised of your own top foods and will include:
  • Antioxidant shopping list with specific action steps to help enhance your antioxidant capacity
  • The inclusion and exclusion of certain "promoters" and "adversaries" from your diet
  • Specific dietary do's and don'ts to help support an adequate absorption of your required nutrients
  • Tips for grocery shopping, food preparation, and cooking

During your 8 Week Nutritional Therapy Program- each session will last 30 minutes to 1 hour, your session can be in person, over the phone or even Skype.  At the end of each session Chef Lana will be giving goals for the week, next steps, action steps and Session Summary Handouts™. A Symptom Reassessment™ will also be given at the end of your program based your initial Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment™.
"Your diet can give your disease-fighting cells some ammunition.

When you're battling an autoimmune disease, like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus, or psoriatic arthritis, the right foods can play a part in your care.

One way to help an immune system that's overworked is to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, says Monica Piecyk, MD, a rheumatologist at New England Baptist Hospital and an instructor at Harvard Medical School, both in Boston. A healthy diet starts with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and also includes low-fat dairy and protein. Add in these specific foods to bolster your immune system." Read more here.

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