Personal Chef and Nutritional Therapy Services

Personal Chef 

Who needs a Personal Chef?

  • People with Special Dietary Needs
  • Senior Citizens
  • Those who are Chronically Ill or Terminally Ill
  • Caregivers
  • Busy Professionals

Did you know that personal chef services with a nutritional therapy menu may be covered by your health insurance? 

Chef of The Hills provides weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly personal chef services to meet the meal preparation and grocery shopping needs for Seniors, terminally ill and chronically ill patients. 

8 Week Nutritional Therapy Program 
Do you or someone you love suffer from a chronic illness or disease? 
Do you feel like you have tried everything yet you still don't feel better?
Did you know what you eat or don't eat can affect your body's healing process?

Everyone has a different biochemistry, genetic makeup and nutrient needs, so what works for you, may not work for someone else.

Chef of the Hills~Earth Angels Care Network not only specializes in Senior nutrition, we work with anyone who has or needs a specialty diet as well. As a certified Nutritional Therapist from the Health Sciences Academy, Lana can work with those who are diabetic, have cancer, Alzheimer's, weight control issues and more. 

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