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Helping you find health, happiness, and purpose in your life so you can heal from the inside out. 

Personal and
Small Event
Chef Services

A Personal Chef will handle all of the grocery shopping, choosing only the freshest ingredients available. 

Chef of the Hills handles all of the details for either your in home meals or small events. We can create and prepare a customized fresh ingredient menu that everyone in your household or 
small event can enjoy.

Senior Home Care and Caregiver Support

A recent addition to Chef of the Hills is the Earth Angels Care Network. A network that can combine all of our services with home care support for Seniors and their Caregivers. 

The Earth Angels Care Network combines the  personal chef services, and nutritional therapy services with home care companionship, and light domestic duties. With a registered nurse on staff we can also provide help in working with your loved ones health care professionals. 

Personal Chef and Nutritional
Therapy Services

Did you know that personal chef services with a nutritional therapy menu may be covered by your health insurance? 

Chef of The Hills provides weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly personal chef services to meet the meal preparation and grocery shopping needs for Seniors, terminally ill & 
chronically ill patients, specific dietary needs, and busy professionals.  

"I am pleased to write a letter of support for Lana Imm and Chef of the Hills, LLC. I am a Functional Medicine Nutritionist in private practice, and I focus on nutritional management in chronic disease. Patients with food allergies and other specific restrictions must adjust to many aspects of dietary management, including planning menus, recipes, shopping, and preparation of meals. There are instances when the stress of this responsibility is overwhelming or simply not within a patient’s capacity. That is when I reach out to Lana for help.

Lana is an excellent chef, and she has a keen understanding of how to work with complex diets due to her background in nutrition. Her services go beyond providing meals, since she integrates education and social interaction in her services. She pays attention to other signs of function, such as activities of daily living and mood. She is very compassionate and a good communicator. When one of my client’s has issues with food reactivity, she contacts me with questions and offers how to problem solve the issue.

Nutrition is the foundation of health, and nutrition can often prevent and treat disease, at least reducing the severity in many cases. If people truly understood how to eat, many medications, hospitalizations and other costs could be reduced. Proper nutrition contributes to strength, energy level, mood, cognition, sleep, reduced pain, and other health factors. Lana brings this holistic consciousness to her business, which distinguishes her above the services of your average caterer.

It is revolutionary and visionary to consider Chef of the Hills, LLC services as a doctor’s prescription. The majority of medical schools don’t include nutrition in the curriculum or competency requirements. The medical literature supports the role of nutrition, the public demand is high, and more healthcare practitioners are learning about nutrition. I wish there were more businesses like Lana’s, and I believe that she is one of our pioneers!"


Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN

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