I have earned a Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University in Social Science; combine that with over 14 years of experience in senior care, nutrition, an expertise at assisted living homes, long term care facilities, hospitals, & directing programs and you have my inspiration to start Chef of the Hills-Earth Angels Network. 

For quite some time now I have been allowing myself to finally be directed down my life’s path. There have been quite a few forks in the road which have always turned out beautifully because I allowed myself to be directed by my inner self...my higher power. It has been because of this direction that there is now a 

Chef of the Hills and most recently Earth Angels Care Network.

After much reflection I am feeling directed to grow our services to help people find health, happiness, and purpose in life. 

The following are the paths in which I am feeling drawn towards to help others….I'm excited to see it unfold!

Helping you find health, happiness, and purpose in your life so you can heal from the inside out.